Wednesday, May 4, 2011

365 Days of Photos

Yes, I am finally posting some pictures to my 365 Days of photos project. This is only a few of the many that I have taken, I will get this caught up. You will need to start at the bottom of this post as I will be adding to the top as I go. Enjoy these for today!

Day 39, We took the red-eye out of Vegas that night (that's right no sleep for us). The first leg of the flight took us to Minnesota and once we got there and to our next gate....well that is when the problems occurred. Fight delay after flight delay due to plane problems, everyone else scrambled to find other flights to take them home but Brenda and I decided to wait it out seen as though we needed out luggage and well we ended up on a plane with the only 7 people who decided to wait. I guess you could say we received a first class flight, well we waited 4 hours for that plane to leave. above is a picture above the clouds.

Day 38, On our last night we went into some of the hotels to look around. We loved taking pictures in the Crystal Palace, there were so many awesome looking light fixtures along with all the sparkling crystals hanging all over. The picture above is of a walk-way above us with all the crystals around it. I played around with the color temp on my camera and loved the results.

 Next Day 37, I just had to go and see the fountains at the Bellagio. If you have seen the movie Oceans 11 that was filmed in Vegas's Bellagio it makes you want to go and see the beauty of these water shows to music. They were so pretty!

Day 36, this day we decided to take another walk the strip and we came across this cross walk over the street and I saw this Paris view. I will have to go back as we didn't have time to go in it and ride the elevator to the top.

Day 35, as we were walking around in the MGM going to one of our many classes, we took a different route and found this sweet fountain, we just had to stop and take a few shots of this before heading to class.

Day 34 is of some of the grand statues all around the outside of the MGM and the lighting is sweet...I loved it! and look at those palm trees the way they are lite up! I only wish that the people of Las Vegas would take more care of their city, there was trash in the bushes as well as bottles. (they could make some money if they had a bottle return).

Day 33 picture we decided to take a walk down to the strip, I would have loved to ride the New York, New York coster! But we were so busy with the convention we could only spare enough time to get in a few sights.

Day 32 is a picture of one of the plants outside the hotel...I could take pictures around that place all day and not see everything. Again we just loved how they light everything at this hotel.

Day 31 Pic is of the outside of part of the the MGM hotel. we loved how they shine the lights on the place and the Green-ness of it all. Not to mention the height, and the view from up there was great!

 Day 30 pic is one of the cool palm trees right outside the MGM Grand hotel as we were going over to the hotel for the start of our WPPI-U class. Can you just feel the warmth. Actually Las Vegas was having a cold spell and it was only in the 60's this day, but it sure was better than what we were getting back home!

It has been a while for me to post on my 365 day photo project. I have been super busy since I came back from an awesome and inspiring time in Las Vegas at the WPPI convention. I told you that I would share some of those pictures that I took while I was there, so leaving off from my last post in February here is day 29. The first picture was taken from the plane as we were coming into Las Vegas. I didn't get the window seat like I wanted but the lady that was sitting there didn't have a problem with me snaping a few photos.




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