Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Healing Field

My Husband, Scott and I decided to take a drive to Cannonsburg Ski Area Where the West Michigan Healing Field is located. In the Field there are 3,200 American flags in Memory and to honor each person who died on September 11. Today is the 10th Anniversary of that day. I wasn't quite prepared for the emotions that came over me when I walked among all those American Flags and read some of the cards with the persons name who had died and a little about that person. I watched as firefighters would walk up to a fallen firefighter and salute their flag and the tears just rolled down my son, Andy and daughter-in-law, Brittany are Firefighters as well and it just brings it that much closer to my heart. If you haven't gone there to see this yet, I highly recommend that you do! It will be there until September 13th.


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